Meeting Agenda

Jesse D. Scott 

School Organizational Team Meeting

Google Meet

October  21,  2020

5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.



School Organizational Team Members:

Principal: Dana Roseman

Assistant Principal: Deborah Faltinosky

Licensed Staff:  Diane Mangum

Licensed Staff: Kerry Figgers

Support Staff: TBD

Parent:  Crystal Standard

Parent:  Matt Myers

Parent: Brandi Floyd 



  • Please put cell phones on silent

  • Mute Mic unless you are speaking

  • Disagree respectfully and take turns speaking

  • Please honor confidentiality (don’t mention names). If confidentiality is broken administration will intervene.

  • Public comments will be taken at the end (2 min. per person)


Topics to be Discussed:

  1.     Welcome & Roll Call

  2.     Norms

  3.     SOT Orientation,  Roles and Responsibilities

  4.     Voting for SOT Positions

  5.     School Data

  6.     Budgets

  7.     Review School Performance Plan

  8.     Next Meeting: November 18. 2020 at 5:00 PM on Google Meet


The School Organizational Team may take items on the agenda out of order, combine two or more agenda items for consideration, and remove an item from the agenda or delay discussion relating to items on the agenda at any time.


Speakers wishing to speak during the public comment period for this meeting may sign up in person immediately prior to the beginning of the meeting. Speakers will be called in the order in which they signed up. No one may sign up for another person or yield their time to another person. Generally, a person wishing to speak during the comment period will be allowed two (2) inutes to address the School Organizational Team. Speakers may also submit additional comments in writing.  It is asked that speakers be respectful to each other, Team members, the principal and school district staff. Speakers that are  disruptive will be asked to leave the meeting.

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