SOT Meeting Minutes

Jesse D. Scott 

School Organizational Team Meeting

Google Meet

November  18,  2020

2:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.


School Organizational Team Members Present:

Principal: Dana Roseman

Assistant Principal: Deborah Faltinosky

Chair:  Diane Mangum

Vice Chair: Kerry Figgers

Support Staff: Melanie Alvey

Secretary:  Crystal Standard

Parent:  Matt Myersl

Parliamentarian: Brandi Floyd (Absent)

Site Staff Present:

Lecylvi Goss

April Gates

Desiree Weston

Elza Camarena-Cano

Laura Wertheimer

Sasisopin Kobayashi

Stephanie Lizana

Amber Litke

Brandi Brown

Kayla Palma

Lela Casorla

Norreshia Baker

Carla Friend 


Parents of:

AIden Prestly (Andrea West)

Meeting started at 2:15 pm



  • Please put cell phones on silent

  • Mute Mic unless you are speaking

  • Disagree respectfully and take turns speaking

  • Please honor confidentiality( don’t mention names).  If confidentiality is broken administration will intervene.

  • Public comments will be taken at the end (2 min. Per person)


Topics to be Discussed:

  1. Welcome & Roll Call- welcomed team and guests and started meeting at 2:15 PM. Did roll call for SOT members. Had everyone on the team say present when calling roll.   Norms- Reviewed meeting norms.

  2. School Data-

    • We reviewed the amount of home wellness checks done, chronic absenteeism, attendance, Myon data, and PBIS rewards data.  We also discussed the use of Engage Ny and Binder Book sets as opposed to a textbook.  Rational is our students tend to do better with the hands on experience of Engage Ny and most textbooks are out of date by the time schools receive them.​

  3. Budgets-

    • We discussed some books and materials purchased with SB178 funds for kinder and first grade students. ​

  4. Student Code of Conduct-

    • The SOT members were provided with a copy of the student code of conduct was provided in advance of the meeting and all members present had reviewed it ahead of time.  When asked there were no questions or changes needed.  All members thought the document was fine.​

  5. Vision Building-

    • Ms. Roseman reviewed our mission statement and then started to introduce adding a vision statement to go along with and strengthen our mission statement.  Asked the parents on SOT if they were willing to  take a survey to help us see where we need to focus.  The sample vision statement shared is below:

    • The community of Jesse Scott ES promotes middle- school-ready students who can effectively communicate their future plans and goals with increased achievement levels for teachers and students through effective AVID strategies and healthy character development to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s world.

  6. Public Comments-

    • Ms. West asked about the schedule change and why we changed the schedule.  Ms. Roseman explained that we changed the schedule to make sure students had a designated small group time, and to give students some time away from the computer for eye breaks.​

  7. Next Meeting: December 16. 2020 at 2:15 PM on Google Meet

  8. Meeting adjourned at 3:34 pm.

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