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Nevada School Performance Framework

  • The Nevada School Performance Framework ranks elementary schools based on the state's test proficiency scores of students in grades 3-5, student attendance patterns, and growth rates in various areas. 

  • Scott Elementary is designated as a Comprehensive Support and Improvement  - CSI - 1 Star School.  We were only 1 point away from two stars with a 26/100 Total Index Score.

  • CSI and TSI schools may exhibit one or more of the following conditions:

  1. The lowest-performing five percent of schools based on their Index Score

  2. High Schools with a four-year graduation rate below 67 percent

  3. Chronically low-performing subgroups Identified schools may be subject to state interventions and must develop and submit a CSI or TSI plan prescribing supports tailored to subgroups and indicators that are below standard.

  • What does this CSI designation mean for Scott ES? We will receive increased levels of support which may include:

  • A variety of professional development to maximize student achievement

  • Teacher and administrative coaching and mentoring;

  • Assistance to identify priority areas and steps towards improvement; and 

  • Data informed decision making.

  • We did not met our School Performance Plan goals to meet or exceed the Measure of Interim Progress (MIP). We evidenced Academic Achievement increases in the Pooled, Math, ELA, English Language, and Read by Grade 3 Proficiency indicators.  We increased in closing Opportunity Gaps and exceeded the District's rate for Prior Non-target MET ELA AGP.

  • We need to grow in Math and Science.  

  • Absenteeism has been a trended area of concern for a number of years now.   

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