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School Plan of Operations (SPO)


Although we did not meet our School Plan of Operations goals to meet or exceed the Measure of Interim Progress (MIP), we did evidence Academic Achievement increases in the Pooled, Math, ELA, English Language, and Read by Grade 3 Proficiency indicators.  We also increased in closing Opportunity Gaps and exceeded the District's rate for Prior Non-target MET ELA AGP.


In order to continue to close the achievement gaps, the following professional development trainings will be provided for teachers over the course of the year. 

  • Writing Performance Tasks and Using the Writing Trait Crates

  • Using Lexia Effectively to support student Achievement

  • ST Math Reporting

  • How to effectively use assessments to foster student growth

  • AVID Strategies

  • Student Literacy Learning Plans

  • Science/FOSS

  • Increasing WIDA Speaking Scores Using the Tell Me More Structure

  • Depth Of Knowledge: Purposeful Planning, Supports, and Practice

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