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Watch Our Garden Grow


Farmer Eddie's Report


Hey Scott garden team!

Your garden is doing great and continues to be productive. We have so much growing out there right now and more seeds continue to be planted. Today I took out a few different plants that were getting overgrown and planted carrots, thyme and a flower mix in its place. I also cleaned up the artichoke plant in hopes the ants will leave it alone. Artichokes attract aphids like crazy and the ants are pro aphid farmers. Hopefully the cleanup eliminates or at least reduces that problem.

Our irrigation is continuing to be a problem for me so I will be having a member of our staff come out to look at it soon and get things under control. Until then I flooded the beds heavily today and have not noticed any signs of drought from the plants thus far.


There was quite a bit of trash out there today as well. I filled my bag up pretty full with all of it and hope that things stay clean in the future. I know the recent windy days have blown alot of it back there.


I am still not having any classes come out to see me. We had a few come out earlier in the year but it seems as if the garden times are being forgotten again. Any reminders to the teachers to start bringing kids out would be appreciated, it's getting lonely out there!


It is really starting to get warm out there recently and with that all the bugs are going to start coming out to play again. So I thought it would be a great time to start talking about the life cycles of our bug friends as you start to see them spring to life again. Check out the video below.

See you guys next week!

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